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Office Development

July 4, 2013

Office development libraries:

Interesting are the articles about the Open XML format SDKs



CSS3 Overview + Navigation menus

January 18, 2013

All info about css3:

A cool navigation menu generator

Images for GUI design

December 19, 2012

Visual Studio Images

for MSVC 2005 in C:\Program Files\Microsoft Visual Studio 8\Common7\VS2005ImageLibrary

Windows Images



Stock Photo Companies

Stock photos are a great way to get more generic photos for use on your Web pages. They provide photos of people, products, places, and animals and are well lit and shot. And while most stock photo companies are not free, there are a few free ones and there are also some that provide high quality photos for a low price. And remember, since you’re buying photos for a Web page, you don’t need to pay for resolutions that would print well. This usually lowers the price. Some stock photo companies include:

Public Images

Finally, you can use public images on your website. Most photos taken by the government can be freely used. Be sure to check the copyright before you use them. Some public domain image sites include:

IOC Container

October 19, 2012

CSS selectors

June 8, 2012

CSS selectors for CSS1, CSS2 & CSS3

Linq samples

March 9, 2012

Linq samples:

AJAX.NET control toolkit

February 16, 2011

Download for the .NET ajaxcontroltoolkit:

Regular Expressions

June 8, 2010

Quick reference:

Test tool:

Open Source Software

May 4, 2010

Downloads and info about all sorts of open source software


March 17, 2010

All sorts of computer and IT related books