Create Virtual Directories In IIS 6

Instead of manually edditing the virtual directories in the GUI
You can edit the config file and for instance copy paste from another application.


You have to use a 64-bit editor like the Windows7 notepad.exe

What if you have Visual Studio 2008 installed on a 64-bit system? Visual Studio is a 32-bit application, and it runs just fine on a 64-bit system, but unfortunately 32-bit applications cannot open files that are kept in 64-bit-only file paths – and that includes ApplicationHost.config.

Here’s why this happens – ApplicationHost.config is physically located in the following 64-bit-only path:


The problem is, 32-bit applications are “magically” redirected by the operating system to the following 32-bit file path:


So what happens is that each 32-bit application thinks that it’s in the real System32 folder, so when you try to open ApplicationHost.config using File » Open » File… in Visual Studio, you don’t see ApplicationHost.config in the Inetsrv folder. If you attempt to outsmart the system by dragging-and-dropping ApplicationHost.config into Visual Studio from Windows Explorer it doesn’t work; you don’t get any errors, Visual Studio just sits there and stares back at you.



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